The J-B Maid Marian

Robin's dam the J-B Maid Marian at 7 years of age. Milking 10-11 lbs out of that udder too!

The J-B Maid Marian at 7 years of age. Milking 10-11 lbs out of that udder too!

We didn’t fully appreciate Marian until some time after we brought her home. It took her a while to settle in, but once she did, we were impressed. Her pedigree goes back to Prairie-Fire’s foundation bucks SG Goldthwaite Jose Carreres and SGCH Trillium-Trail’s Proud Venture, with line-breeding on Prairie-Fire Siobhan and Thistle-Run Skittles. Marian is a very dairy doe with a nice round udder shape, well-placed teats that are easy to milk, wonderful udder texture, and excellent attachments all around, especially front and rear. Nice breed type too. She was a foundation doe for the B-52 herd of mini-Nubians in Pasco, Washington, where several of her daughters and a buck from 2014 B-52’s Legends Begin still reside. Although she has never been on DHIA test or had the opportunity to be appraised, we are confident she would do well, and we are excited about the possibilities Marian presents. We were delighted that she presented us with triplets in 2015, including one lovely daughter: Imnaha King’s Guinevere, after a very easy kidding. She peaked at 10 lb. 5oz. and is still milking about 5 lb. daily six months into her lactation this year. Marian gave birth to twin bucklings by *B Woest-Hoeve Kingfisher on December 11, 2015. We are keeping her son Imnaha King’s Brave Sir Robin (N-pending), while Marian and her daughter Guinevere have been sold to Stephanie Rovey in La Grande, Oregon. We will miss Marian and wish Stephanie the very best!

Marian's rear udder at six years of age

Marian’s rear udder at six years of age

Birth Date: 2/27/2009

ADGA Registration number: N1504367 (click registration number for pedigree)

Sire: The J-B Lord Mont

SS: Prairie Fire Lord Byron

SD: The J-B Ho’Maid Fudge

Dam: The J-B Almond Joy

DS: Prairie fire Seamus

DD: Thistle-Run’s Skittles

CAE: Negative 2013

Marian's side and fore udder

Marian’s side and fore udder

CL: Negative 2011

SRLV (Small ruminant Lentivirus): Negative 2013

B-52's Mustang Molly

B-52’s Mustang Molly

Johne’s: Negative 2011


Not available


B-52's Maiden Voyage

B-52’s Maiden Voyage

Not available

Linear Appraisal:

Not available

ADGA Registered Offspring:

B-52’s Golden Maiden     N1570403     F     6/04/2011

B-52’s Rosie the Riveter  N1628654     F     6/04/2011

B-52’s Mustang Molly      N1630238     F     5/05/2012

Imnaha King’s Guinevere N1722804     F     2/08/2015

B-52's Mary Mary Quite Contrary

B-52’s Mary Mary Quite Contrary

In addition, Marian has some experimental offspring:

B-52’s Maiden Voyage    MDGA#XN03256     F     3/22/2013    

Marian also had triplets on 2/17/2014 (1 doe, 2 bucks), sired by a Nigerian Dwarf buck. The doeling, B-52’s Mary Mary Quite Contrary (MDGA #XN03844) and buckling B-52’s Legends Begin are being retained by Ms. Johnson for future breedings.

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Imnaha WHK Guinevere (daughter)

Imnaha King's Guinevere

Imnaha King’s Guinevere





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