SG Royal Highlands Blueberry 2*M

SG Royal Highlands Blueberry 2*M

SG Royal Highlands Blueberry 2*M

We hadn’t planned on buying Blueberry when we drove to Royal Highlands’ Farm in April 2014 to pick up her dam Cherry. Blueberry had just kidded with triplets that morning, but Diana Probert asked, “Were you planning on taking Cherry back all alone?” Well, as any good goat person knows, there’s always room for one more, and Sam had cash burning a hole in his pocket!  Blueberry had been mentioned in an earlier email as a doe possibly under consideration for sale later, and we got a good look at her in the barn, so when it came time to load up we asked if we could take her home too. We haven’t regretted it, because she is a sweet-tempered doe that is a dream to milk. She has  a nice level floor and good front and side attachments, though her rear attachment could be stronger. She gave us twin bucks in an easy 2015 kidding. She was regretfully sold, since we can only keep a limited number of animals, but we wish her new owner the very best. Blueberry will be missed!

Blueberry's rear udder

Blueberry’s rear udder

Birth Date: 2/26/2011

ADGA Registration Number: N1567502 (click registration number for ADGA pedigree)

Sire: *B Lot-O-Pines BF Crystopher

SS: Bedouin Finale (LA: 88/VEV at 4 yrs.)

SD: SG Bedouin Dark Crystal 8*M    ELITE DOE (LA:  5-04  91/EEEE)

Dam: SG Bedouin Cherry 1*M          (LA:  3-06  89/VEEV)

DS: +*B Goldthwaite Atlast (LA:  4-07  88/VEV)

DD: Bedouin Candlewood (a Bedouin Dark Crystal grand daughter)

CAE/CL: Negative 2011

G6S: Not tested


Royal Highlands Blackberry

Royal Highlands Blackberry

PTI21: 15

PTI12: -4

ETA21: N/A

ETA12: N/A


Age     Days    Milk lb Fat lb Protein lb

1-02     177     1240     44     40

Royal Highlands Huckleberry

Royal Highlands Huckleberry

Linear Appraisal:

1-05     84/VVA+

ADGA Registered Offspring:

Royal Highlands Blackberry     N1666694     F     4/23/2013

Royal Highlands Huckleberry   N1666699     F     4/23/2013

Royal Highlands Boysenberry N1730405    F    3/20/2014


Royal Highlands Boysenberry

Related Animals in Herd:

SG Bedouin Cherry 1*M (dam)

Imnaha King’s Silver Belle (half-sister)

SG Bedouin Lady Victory 10*M (aunt)

Imnaha King’s Lady Jane (cousin)

(Our thanks to the Proberts of Royal Highlands for use of the photos and statistical information)

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