RC’s Valhalla Ginger

RC's Valhalla Ginger with her daughter Imnaha King's Fancy

RC’s Valhalla Ginger with her daughter Imnaha King’s Fancy Zija

‘As mentioned on the Senior Does page, Ginger came to us early in 2014 as part of a package we purchased, which also included her half-sister Romy and Maid Marian (another related doe), since we were looking for possible candidates to mate to our buck *B Woest-Hoeve Kingfisher. All three of them were used to a very different management situation, being on dry-lot as opposed to a more natural type environment for goats such as we have here. Since their arrival, all three does developed deep barrels due to the change to a diet rich in browse. Ginger freshened in 2015 with quads and a gorgeous udder, and we got moonspots from her too! Fancy popped out dapples on her brown coat–as soon as I had her sold, of course, and one of Ginger’s bucklings had spots as well.

Ginger’s sire DKGH King Tut is Saada on his sire’s side and Willow Run/Reuel on his dam’s side. Her dam Sunset Pines Secret Romance was the result of an A.I. mating of SG Sunset Pines Secret Reality 3*M to *B Trillium Trails DB Ikuma, another A.I. son of C/F Blaise and SGCH Trillium-Trails AJ Delight (who also goes back to C/F Blaise). Yes, there’s even some Hallcienda Frosty Marvin in there! There is some great old blood in her pedigree–in fact, a few names I haven’t seen in quite a while: Con Jarl’s Orange, Nestucca Justin Morgan, and Diamond Sunshine Horatio for example.

Ginger and her daughters Imnaha King’s Licorice and Fancy Zija have regretfully been sold, as we can only keep a limited number of animals in our herd. We hope they perform well for their new owners, and we will miss them.

Birth date: 2/25/2011

Registration number: N1601837 (click registration number for ADGA pedigree)

Sire: DKGH King Tut

SS: *B Saada El-Cid (LA:  1-04  86/VVV)

SD: DKGH Enferno’s Emmy (LA:  1-03  84/+VVV)

Dam: Sunset Pines Secret Romance (LA:  5-05  88/VEVV)

DS: +B Trillium Trails DB Ikuma (a C/F Blaise son)

DD: SG Sunset Pines Secret Reality 3*M (LA:  3-03  86/+V+V)

DHIR     2-10   268   1680   4.8% Fat   80 lb.  3.3% Protein   55 lb.

Ginger's rear udder at four years

Ginger’s rear udder at four years

Imnaha King's Licorice

Imnaha King’s Licorice

Imnaha King's Fancy

Imnaha King’s Fancy Zija

CAE: Negative 2013

CL: Negative 2011

G6S: Not tested

SLRV: Negative 2013

PTI/ETA: Not available

DHIR: Not available

Linear Appraisal: Not available

ADGA Recorded Offspring:

Imnaha King’s Licorice     N1722806     F     2/12/2015

Imnaha King’s Fancy Zija     N-pending     F     2/12/2015

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Imnaha King's Fancy Zija as a yearling with her kids

Imnaha King’s Fancy Zija as a yearling with her kids





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