RC’s Valhalla Elusive Romance

RC's Valhalla Elusive Romance at four years of age

RC’s Valhalla Elusive Romance at four years of age (dry in this photo)

Romy with 2015 kids (Mata Hari and buckling)

Romy with 2015 kids

Romy's rear udder 2015

Romy’s rear udder 2015


Romy's fore udder (sorry about the hair!)

Romy’s fore udder (sorry about the hair!)

We bought Romy from B-52 Farms in Pasco, Washington, along with The J-B’s Maid Marian and Romy’s half-sister RC’s Valhalla Ginger. We were excited to obtain Romy,

B-52's Dear John

B-52’s Dear John

because she represents bloodlines developed by folks we knew years ago when we had the Sheng Tai herd. We were also interested to see how her bloodlines worked with our buck Kingfisher. Romy is a stylish little doe, as one might expect from line-breeding to C/F Blaise. She had never been managed as a dairy doe, so we weren’t surprised that her production wasn’t quite what we got from the Bedouin does. In 2015 she freshened with twins, a huge udder, and the kind of production I believed she ought to have. Most of her offspring are registered with the Miniature Goat Registry (her experimental mini-Nubian buck B-52’s Justified Romance [Romeo], and her mini-Nubian doeling from this year B-52’s Casanova’s Last Romance [Romy]). Her littermate sister was registered with American Goat Society (AGS), but she does have two registered purebred Nubian daughters: B-52’s Dear John, and Imnaha King’s Mata Hari. In 2015 she freshened with a fabulous udder and the production to go with it and gave us a nice set of twins. Her doe kid, Imnaha King’s Mata Hari, will remain in our herd to carry on, but Romy was regretfully sold, since we can only keep a limited number of animals. We wish her new owner the very best.

Birth Date: 2/25/2010

ADGA Registration #N1531182 (click on registration number for pedigree)

Sire: Luck-E-G First Class Felon

SS: De-La-Ro Ari Caesar

SD: Luck-E-G Ro Desira

Dam: Sunset Pines Secret Romance (LA:  5-05  88/VEVV)

DS: +B Trillium Trails DB Ikuma (a C/F Blaise son)

DD: SG Sunset Pines Secret Reality 3*M (LA:  3-03  86/+V+V)

DHIR     2-10   268   1680   4.8% Fat   80 lb.  3.3% Protein   55 lb.

CAE: Negative 2011

B-52's Casanova's Last Romance

B-52’s Casanova’s Last Romance

B-52's Justified Romance

B-52’s Justified Romance

Imnaha King's Mata Hari

Imnaha King’s Mata Hari

CL: Negative 2011

Johne’s: Negative 2011

G6S: Not Tested

PTI/ETA: Not available

DHIR: Not available

Linear Appraisal: Not available

ADGA-Registered Offspring:

B-52’s Dear John (AKA “Dee”) N1661138

Imnaha King’s Mata Hari N1722807

AGS-Registered Offspring B-52’s Sweet Romance (twin to Dee is at Daystar’s Farm, Woodland, Washington)

Experimental Offspring: B-52’s Justified Romance

B-52’s Cassanova’s Last Romance

Related Goats in Herd: Imnaha King’s Licorice (niece)

(some photographs courtesy of Melyssa Stephens, B-52 Farms, Pasco, Washington)

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