Vernay Ace Bethany

Vernay Ace Bethany

Vernay Ace Bethany

I didn’t fully appreciate Bethany’s quality when we first saw her–after all, we hadn’t even thought about dairy goats since getting out over 30 years ago. Once we brought her home, though, we knew how special she was and set out to research her pedigree and learn more about her. She is a very dairy, sweet-tempered doe, easy to milk, a good mother, and her udder attachment area all around is positively fabulous–and no wonder. She’s solid Wingwood! We also bought her two doelings, Bella and Queen, sired by Kingfisher (and later went back and bought him). In early 2015 she was sold to her dam Zelda’s former owner and went to California. We were very pleased to get back her daughter Sparrow. We sadly learned that she unexpectedly passed away while out in her pasture in early 2017, and we wish to send our condolences to her owner. I know she is greatly missed!

Bethany had one DHIA test while she was at Wingwood, but she hasn’t been on test since. She was linear appraised in 2015: 4-02   85VG/VVV+.

Bethany's 2015 rear udder

Bethany’s 2015 rear udder


Birth Date: 4/23/2011

ADGA Registration number: N1568784 (click on registration number to see pedigree)

Sire: Vernay TK Ace

SS: Wingwood Farm TAC Telemark

SD: Vernay ALS Yvetta

Dam: Vernay GL Zelda

DS: Wingwood Farm Tim Galapagos

DD: Vernay Tyrone’s Veda

CAE: Negative 2015

CL: Negative 2015

Bluetongue: Negative 2012

Blue Mantle Bella at 1 year

Blue Mantle Bella at 1 year

Q Fever: Negative 2012

Johne’s: Negative 2015



PTI21: -27

PTI12: -73

Blue Mantle Queen at six months

Blue Mantle Queen at six months

ETA21: N/A

ETA12: N/A


Not available

Linear Appraisal:

4-02   85VG/VVV+

ADGA Registered Offspring:

Wingwood Farm MT Belinda

Imnaha King's Sparrow

Imnaha King’s Sparrow

N1632535     F     10/04/2012

Blue Mantle Bella       N1693143     F     2/07/2014

Blue Mantle Queen    N1693144     F     207/2014

Imnaha King’s Sparrow N1724684    F    2/03/2015

Imnaha King’s Juniper N1724681    F    2/03/2015

Imnaha King Ravenswood N1724680    M    2/03/2015

Related Animals in Herd:

Blue Mantle Bella (daughter)

Blue Mantle Queen (daughter)

(Our thanks to Alexis Martin-Vegue for the photos of Sparrow, Juniper, and Raven)

Sparrow and Juniper

Sparrow and Juniper

Sparrow and her brother.

Sparrow and her brother King Ravenswood.





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