SG Bedouin Cherry 1*M

SG Bedouin Cherry 1*M

SG Bedouin Cherry 1*M

Cherry was our grand matron, coming to us in 2014 from the Royal Highlands dairy goat herd in Oldtown, Idaho, owned by the Probert family. She was part of their milking string since she first freshened in 2011, and she was a very productive doe for them, earning her AR star as a two-year-old, classifying well, and giving them a set of twins, a set of triplets, and two sets of quads. Of those kids, several were retained in their herd before moving on: Royal Highlands RHJ Miriam, Royal Highlands ApricotRoyal Highlands Peaches, and Royal Highlands Raisin. They have also retained her granddaughters RH Gloria, RH Boysenberry, and RH Rose. It was truly unfortunate that Cherry’s dam Bedouin Candlewood was never able to earn her star or be appraised. She lost half of her udder to a cut while still at Bedouin Nubians. Otherwise, Cherry would be a 10*M like her half-sister Lady! We were very fortunate in being able to purchase Cherry’s daughter Royal Highlands Blueberry when we made the trip to bring her home. She peaked for us at 10 lb 9 oz out of a nicely attached easy milking udder after a stressful relocation. Both of them have loving personalities, and Cherry has proved to be the undeniable queen of our herd. She has a real sense of humor and is quite good at maintaining the peace, which she does with dignity. She presented us with triplets in 2015 , including a beautiful carbon-copy daughter Imnaha King’s Silver Belle, in a traumatic kidding.

We sadly lost Cherry after a period of not doing well and going gradually downhill after a traumatic kidding in early February 2015. She finally refused to eat and died peacefully in her sleep April 18, 2015. She left behind a sizable legacy in a number of wonderful daughters, sons, and granddaughters residing in several herds throughout the Pacific Northwest, including her last daughter Imnaha King’s Silver Belle. Belle will remain in our herd, along with Cherry’s half-sister SG Bedouin Lady Victory 10*M and Lady’s daughter Imnaha King’s Lady Jane. Blueberry has since gone to be a foundation doe in a friend’s Nubian herd. Cherry’s loss hit us hard, and she will very much be missed! Rest in peace, sweetheart.

Cherry's rear udder

Cherry’s rear udder


Birth date: 2/25/2009

ADGA Registration number: N1500984 (click on registration number for ADGA pedigree)

Sire: +*B Goldthwaite Atlast (LA:  4-07  88/VEV)

SS: SG ++*B Goldthwaite Merlin (LA  2 yrs.  89/EVV)

SD: Goldthwaite Adia 8*M (LA: 4 yrs. 90/VEEE)

Dam: Bedouin Candlewood

DS: Bedouin Tres Chic

DD: Bedouin Desert Starlight (a Bedouin Dark Crystal daughter)

CAE: Negative 2011

CL: Negative 2010

G6S: Not tested

SG Royal Highlands Blueberry 2*M

SG Royal Highlands Blueberry 2*M

Royal Highlands Cameo at five months

Royal Highlands Cameo at five months

TB: Negative 2012

Brucellosis: Negative 2012


PTI21: -61

PTI12: -31

ETA21: N/A

ETA12: N/A

Royal Highlands Miriam at 5 months

Royal Highlands Miriam at 5 months


2-00  304  1880  80  4.3%F 66  3.5%P

3-00  207  1820  78  4.2%F 61  3.4%P


511  3700 158  4.3%F 127 3.4%P

Linear Appraisal:

3-06     89/VEEV

2-05     88/VVVE

ADGA Recorded Offspring (as of 8/05/2014):

SG Royal Highlands Blueberry 2*M      N1567502     F    2/26/2011

+*B Royal Highlands Reflection N1601581     M     2/26/2011

Royal Highlands RHJ Miranda

Royal Highlands RHJ Miranda

Royal Highlands Cameo  N1609503     F     2/26/2012

*B Royal Highlands Stampede   N1620182     M     2/26/2012

Royal Highlands RHJ Miriam  N1666692     F     2/17/2013

Royal Highlands RHJ Miranda   N1666693     F     2/17/2013

Royal Highlands Peaches N1730400     F     2/12/2014

Royal Highlands Peaches

Royal Highlands Peaches

Royal Highlands Apricot

Royal Highlands Apricot


Royal Highlands Raisin

Royal Highlands Raisin

Royal Highlands Apricot  N1723068     F     2/12/2014

Royal Highlands Raisin  N1730401    F     2/12/2014

Imnaha King’s Silver Belle   N1722803    F     2/07/2015

Related Goats in Herd:

Imnaha King’s Silver Belle  (daughter)

SG Bedouin Lady Victory 10*M (paternal sister)

Imnaha King’s Lady Jane (Lady’s daughter)

(Our thanks to the Probert Family for some of the photos and most of the statistics listed above).









Imnaha King's Silver Belle 2016 at 1 1/2 years

Imnaha King’s Silver Belle 2016 at 1 1/2 years



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