Imnaha GRD Shine on Janette 

Imnaha GRD Shine On Janette at 5 1/2 months

Janette was Lady Jane’s daughter from Duncan, and she looked just like her mom. Janette placed 2nd at her first-ever show (2016 Union County Fair, La Grande, Oregon) behind her aunt Charlotte. We sadly lost Janette during kidding, though we were so fortunate that she gave us a lovely set of twins, including a daughter: Imnaha AM Juliet.. RIP my sweet girl! You are missed!

Birth date: February 287, 2016

Registration #N1768735

Sire: Grande Ronde WHS Duncan

Dam: Imnaha King’s Lady Jane 11*M

G6S Status: Not tested

Alpha S1 Casein: Not tested

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Imnaha AM Juliet (daughter)

Imnaha King’s Lady Jane 11*M (dam)

*B Woest-Hoeve Kingfisher & SG Bedouin Lady Victory 10*M (grandparents)

Imnaha GRD Rosie O’Grady (3/4 sister)

Imnaha King’s Silver Belle 2*M (aunt)

Imnaha King’s Lady Charlotte and Imnaha King’s Lady Anne (aunts)