SG Imnaha King’s Silver Belle 2*M

SG Imnaha King’s Silver Belle 2*M as a two-year-old (dry in this photo)

94th. percentile ranking

ADGA registration #N1722803

Birth date: 2/07/2015

PTI: 109 43

LA: 2-04 87 VEE+

G6S Status: N/N Non-carrier normal by testing

Alpha S1 Casein: A/N by testing

DHIR: 0-10 305 3000 115 3.8%F 100 3.3%P
           0-10 306 3010 115 3.8%F 100 3.3%P

           1-10 304 3600 135 3.8%F 123 3.4%P  
LIFE:          610 6610 250 3.8%F 223 3.4%P

Registered offspring: Imnaha AM Dark Crystal

Imnaha AM Sweet Cherry

SS: SGCH ++B Alize Charleston Chew (Elite) LA: 4-05 90/EEV
Sire: +*B Woest-Hoeve Kingfisher (Elite) LA: 4-03 90/EVE PTI 77 -9
SD: SG Iron-Owl Sand Crane 4*M LA: 5-02 90/E+EE
DS: +*B Goldthwaite Atlast LA: 4-07 88/VEV
Dam: SG Bedouin Cherry 1*M LA: 3-06 89/VEEV PTI -16 4
DD: Bedouin Candlewood

Belle was named in honor of my 1978 National Nubian Club Reserve Senior All American Aged Doe, Millard’s Silver Bell 1*M, and she was the last daughter of our foundation doe, SG Bedouin Cherry 1*M. We unfortunately lost Cherry to complications following a difficult birth, and I considered naming Belle after her mom, but by then her name had already stuck. It was just too sad to think about. Belle is very dairy and the image of her mother Cherry, so it’s been bittersweet watching her grow up, because she’s very like my old Bell (Millard’s Silver Bell 1*M), too. Like her dam and her namesake, she is very sweet-tempered, full of personality, and a pleasure to own. She is also a hard-working girl, lovely to the eye, and a treasure. She certainly surprised us as a first freshener, giving birth to twin bucklings and milking over 9 lb. a day after only one week into her first lactation. She went on to earn her 2*M and also Silver and Bronze Certificates for production from the INBA. Beginning her second freshening at 1-10 months, she delivered triplets and went on to peak at over 17 lb. per day! She suffered a bit from mastitis the last two months of her second lactation, but we hope she will fully recover. We have retained her daughter Imnaha AM Dark Crystal. Her buckling Cap’n and two of his brothers by Amador went to be pack goats for my nephew Chris. What a fun life they’re going to have! Belle is bred to Amador again for a January 2018 kidding date. Belle currently places at the 94th percentile for Nubians, and her sire Kingfisher is an Elite Sire at the 92nd. percentile.

SG Imnaha King’s Silver Belle 2*M 2016 at 1 1/2 years

Rear udder Silver Belle

Belle’s namesake, Millard’s Silver Bell 1*M at the Union County Fair







Iron-Owl Sand Crane at the 2014 Union County Fair, La Grande, Oregon

Belle’s paternal granddam, SG Iron-Owl Sand Crane 4*M at the 2014 Union County Fair, La Grande, Oregon


SG Bedouin Cherry 1*M

Belle’s dam, SG Bedouin Cherry 1*M




Crystal’s sister Sweet Cherry and her brother Captain

Imnaha AM Crystal at 10 months