SG Imnaha King’s Lady Anne 11*M

Annie and her herdmates waiting to be milked

 Registration: #N1766502

Birth date: January 19, 2016

PTI: 79 51

LInear Appraisal 1-04 86 VEE+

G6S Status: Normal by parentage

Alpha S1 Casein: Not yet tested


DHIR: 0-11 319 2256 115 90

Lifetime: 319 2256 116 90

Registered offspring: Imnaha AM Annika


SS: SGCH ++B Alize Charleston Chew (Elite) LA: 4-05 90/EEV
Sire: +*B Woest-Hoeve Kingfisher (Elite) LA: 4-03 90/EVE PTI: 77 -9
SD: SG Iron-Owl Sand Crane 4*M LA: 5-02 90/E+EE
DS: SG +*B Goldthwaite Atlast LA:4-07 88/VEV
Dam: SG Bedouin Lady Victory 10*M LA: 2-07 85/VVV+ PTI: 1 36
DD: SG Bedouin Glitterbug 9*M (Elite) LA: 6-04 90/EEEE


Annie has really been the star of our first-fresheners. She has a lovely temperament, a nice, capacious, easy-to-milk udder, and easily earned her AR star this year. She is bred to Amador again for January 2018 kids.

Annie’s sire, SG+*B Woest-Hoeve Kingfisher (Elite) at two years of age








Annie’s dam, SG Bedouin Lady Victory 10*M at 6 years







Amador’s daughters Imnaha AM Sweet Cherry & AM Annika