Blue Mantle Queen 1*M

Blue Mantle Queen 2016

Blue Mantle Queen 2016

Queen’s rear udder at 2 years

Registration number: N1693144 (click on registration number for ADGA pedigree)

Birth date: 2/07/2014

ETA: 2 -56

Linear Appraisal: N/A

G6S Status: Non-carrier normal by testing

Alpha S1 Casein: B/N by testing

DHIR: 1-10 304 2770 122 4.4%F 97 3.5%P

           2-10 278 1900   88 4.6%F 70 3.7%P

Lifetime:    582 4670 210 167

Registered offspringSG Imnaha GRD Rosie O’Grady (N1766500)


SS: SGCH ++B Alize Charleston Chew (Elite) LA: 4-05 90/EEV
Sire: SG +*B Woest-Hoeve Kingfisher (Elite) LA: 4-03 90/EVE PTI 77 -9
SD: SG Iron-Owl Sand Crane 4*M LA: 5-02 90/E+EE
DS: Vernay TK Ace
Dam: Vernay Ace Bethany LA: 4-01 85/VV+V PTI -63 -102
DD: Vernay GL Zelda

Queen is a stylish daughter of Kingfisher and our foundation doe Vernay Ace Bethany.  Queenie certainly lived up to her namesake (CH River Queen) in the udder department, having a lovely round udder with excellent texture, making her one of my favorite does to milk. In 2016, she not only earned her 1*M in 2016, she also earned Silver and Bronze Certificates for production from the International Nubian Breeders Association (INBA). She has had an on-going hoof problem making her lame at times, so she wasn’t Linear Appraised with the rest of the herd in 2016. Her daughter SG Imnaha GRD Rosie O’Grady 2*M (N1766500), sired by Grande Ronde WHS Duncan, and her granddaughter, Imnaha AM Bailey’s Irish Cream are also in the herd. Queen is bred again to Amador for an April kidding.

Queen’s sire, SG +*B Woest-Hoeve Kingfisher (Elite) at two years of age








Queen’s dam, Vernay Ace Bethany








Bethany’s dam, Vernay GL Zelda







Queen’s daughter, SG Imnaha GRD Rosie O’ Grady 2*M at 8 months








Rosie’s yearling rear udder








Imnaha AM Bailey’s Irish Cream at 7 months

Photo of Zelda, courtesy of Alexis Martin-Vegue, Mount Aukum, CA








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