Senior Does

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Blue Mantle Queen 1*M (Queenie) N1693144 (2/07/2014)

Blue Mantle Queen 1*M 2016

Queenie is one of our last remaining foundation animals. We bought her along with her dam Vernay Ace Bethany, her littermate sister Blue Mantle Bella 1*M, and her sire +*B Woest-Hoeve Kingfisher, in March 2014. Bethany left us as a bred doe for her new home in California in 2015, and Bella moved on in 2016. Kingfisher is still with us, though he too will be moving on in 2018 to a new herd where he will have lots more new ladies to tend to. Unfortunately, we have no offspring from either Bethany or Bella, but Queenie made up for it! She easily earned her AR Star when we went on DHIA test in 2016, plus production awards from the INBA. She also gave us a lovely daughter (Imnaha GRD Rosie O’Grady 2*M) and granddaughter (Imnaha AM Bailey’s Irish Cream). We hope she will bless us with another daughter sired by Amador in the coming year, too!

SG Imnaha King’s Silver Belle 2*M (Belle) N1722803 (2/07/2015)

Silver Belle as a two-year-old (dry in this photo)

Belle is the last daughter of our foundation doe SG Bedouin Cherry 1*M, so she is very special. She is a highly productive doe and rates at the 94th percentile in the Nubian breed. She also had twin bucks as a first freshener and triplets (two does and a buck) as a second freshener. She had some difficulty with mastitis at the end of her second lactation, but we are hopeful that she will completely recover. We have retained her daughter Imnaha AM Dark Crystal. Belle is bred again to *B Wingwood Farm Lovin Amador for January 2018 kids.

SG Imnaha GRD Rosie O’Grady 2*M (Rosie) #N1766500 (12/29/2015)

Imnaha GRD Rosie O’Grady 2*M

Rosie is the daughter of our foundation doe, Blue Mantle Queen 1*M. She is a large, very dairy doe and easily earned her AR Star in 2017, plus giving us twins. We have retained her daughter by Amador, Imnaha AM Bailey’;s Irish Cream, whom we fully expect to follow in her mom’s footsteps. Rosie is bred to Amador again for March kids. I apologize for having such a terrible photo of her–it truly doesn’t do her justice!

SG Imnaha King’s Lady Charlotte 11*M (Charlotte) #N1766501 (1/19/2016)

Kingfisher’s daughter, Imnaha King’s Lady Charlotte 11*M

Charlotte and her littermate sister Anne are our last remaining daughters from our foundation doe, SG Bedouin Lady Victory 10*M. Both of them are very dairy, productive does, and we treasure them! They easily earned their AR stars as first fresheners, plus they Linear Appraised well and gave us several lovely daughters between them. We have retained Charlotte’s daughters Imnaha AM Carlotta and Imnaha AM Carmen. Both Charlotte and Annie are bred to Amador again for 2018. Anne is due in January, and Charlotte will kid in March.

SG Imnaha King’s Lady Anne 11*M (Annie) #N1766502 (1/19/2016)

Annie and her herdmates waiting to be milked

Woest-Hoeve WC Water Kres (Kressie) N1700704 (7/20/2014)

Woest-Hoeve WC Water Kres (AKA Kressie) at 2 years

Kressie came to us in 2015 as a long dry yearling. She is a sweet doe, even if she is a bit bossy, and looks just like her mama, SGCH Iron-Owl FT Watercress 3*M, minus the white splash on her side. We have retained her daughter Imnaha King’s WK Krista. She is again bred to *B Woest-Hoeve Kingfisher for March 2018 kids.

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