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SG Bedouin Lady Victory 10*M (Lady) #N1506004 (1/14/2010)

SG Bedouin Lady Victory 10*M at 6 years

SG Bedouin Lady Victory 10*M at 6 years


PTI 1 12
02-07 85 VVV+
PTA -82M 2F 0P .10T
DEV -366 4 -3
PTA$ -5 0 41R
PTA% 48R 08/16 .30 .15 11/15
1-11 305 1500 6.2 93 4.5 68 99 20
4-01 41 310 5.8 18 4.2 13 56 20
6-00 211 1270 5.7 72 3.8 48 78 40
LIFE 557 3080 5.9 183 4.2 129

We were excited to add this beautiful, productive doe to our milking string in 2014, and if there is a single goat I own that is spoiled, Lady is it, but it’s all good. She’s earned it, of course, and she’s become one of our foundation does.  Her son *B Royal Highlands Igniter was a principal herd sire at Royal Highlands Dairy goats in Idaho. We have retained all three of her daughters Imnaha King’s Lady Jane (2015), Imnaha King’s Lady Charlotte (2016), and Imnaha King’s Lady Anne (2016) for our herd. Lady will be bred back to Kingfisher this fall for a Spring 2017 kidding.

Blue Mantle Bella 2016

Blue Mantle Bella 2016

Blue Mantle Bella 1*M (Bella) #N1693143 (2/07/2014)

We were very fortunate to  purchase two of Kingfisher’s first three daughters, Bella and her littermate Queen. Like all kids, they were pretty and cute, but of course we wanted to know what those udders looked like! We were not disappointed. Both does freshened with high, tightly-attached udders with excellent attachments all-round, nice shape and good production. If we’d been on DHIA test in 2015, both of them would have earned their *M’s. As of her May 2016 test, Bella is now unofficially a 1*M! I should add that because of Kingfisher’s daughters milk production, I had to buy a bigger milk bucket this spring. Bella is bred to our junior buck, Wingwood Farm Lovin Amador, for Spring 2017 kids.

Blue Mantle Queen 1*M (Queenie) N1693144 (2/07/2014)

Blue Mantle Queen 2016

Blue Mantle Queen 2016

It’s difficult to choose a favorite, but Queen has always been special. I named her after my long-time favorite doe from many years ago, CH River Queen, because she looks so much like her. Same feisty personality too! And as luck would have it, a wonderfully attached round udder that is a dream to milk. She’s always been a bit smaller than her sister Bella (four lb. at birth vs. six lb.), but she more than makes up for it in attitude and what she puts in the pail. Now that Blueberry has moved on to her new home, Queenie is my favorite doe to milk. She presented us with twins from Duncan, and we are retaining her daughter Imnaha GRD Rosie O’Grady (N1766500), along with her son Little Joe (a wether who will be Kingfisher’s companion). Like her sister Bella, Queenie has also now unofficially earned her 1*M. She is bred to Wingwood Farm Lovin Amador, due Spring 2017.

Woest-Hoeve WC Water Kres (Kressie) N1700704 (7/20/2014)

Woest-Hoeve WC Water Kres (AKA Kressie) at 2 years

Woest-Hoeve WC Water Kres (AKA Kressie) at 2 years

Kressie came to us in 2015 as a long dry yearling, so she is a first-freshener this year. She is one of my sweetest does and looks just like her mama, SGCH Iron-Owl FT Watercress 3*M, minus the white splash on her side, and we have high hopes for her future. Her udder is very pretty, and once she puts on a bit more growth, we expect her to be one of our very best does. She will be bred to *B Woest-Hoeve Kingfisher for Spring 2017 kids.

Imnaha King’s Silver Belle 2*M (Belle) N1722803 (2/07/2015)

Imnaha King's Silver Belle 2016 at 1 1/2 years

Imnaha King’s Silver Belle 2016 at 1 1/2 years

Belle is the last daughter of our foundation doe SG Bedouin Cherry 1*M, so she is very special. She really surprised us this year, because she started her first lactation off with a bang: She had twin bucks and came in with a huge udder with marvelous texture and milking 9-10 lb. at one week fresh! Holy Toledo! She has now unofficially earned her 2*M this year and is bred to Wingwood Farm Lovin Amador for Spring 2017 kids. We will be retaining her doe kids this year.

Imnaha King’s Lady Jane (Janie) N1722805 (/12/2015)

Our yearling Imnaha King's Lady Jane at one week fresh

Imnaha King’s Lady Jane at one week fresh

Jane is the first registered daughter of our foundation doe SG Bedouin Lady Victory 10*M. We were so excited when she was born, and we honestly couldn’t be happier with her. She has matured into a beautiful and sweet young doe with a lovely udder. In 2016 she gave us two outstanding doe kids, sired by Duncan, so she is on her way. We look forward to seeing what she does in the years ahead. We plan to retain her daughter sired by Grande Ronde WHS Duncan, Imnaha GRD Janette. Jane is bred to Wingwood Farm Lovin Amador for Spring 2017 kids.




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