SG +*B Woest-Hoeve Kingfisher (Elite)

*B Woest-Hoeve Kingfisher at two years of age

SG +*B Woest-Hoeve Kingfisher at two years of age

**ELITE Sire** 92nd percentile ranking

Registration number: N1632008 (click registration number for ADGA pedigree)

Birth date: 3/06/2013

PTI: 77 -9

Linear Appraisal: 4-03 90/EVE

**DNA** Parentage verified

Alpha S1 Casein: B/N by testing

G6S Status: N/N Non-carrier normal by testing

Daughter average: 3033 143 116 85

SS: *B Lakeshore PS Tropical Storm LA: 1-05 91/EEE
Sire: SGCH ++B Alize Charleston Chew (Elite) LA: 4-05 90/EEV PTI 87 32
SD: SGCH Jacobs Pride Red Hot Candy LA: 7-04 92/E+EE
DS: SGCH ++B Iron-Owl Bluebeard LA: 6-05 92/EEE
Dam: SG Iron-Owl Sand Crane 4*M LA: 5-02 90/E+EE  PTI -13 -101
DD: SGCH Iron-Owl Ibis 3*M LA: 6-04 89/EEEV

Everyone should have a buck as nice as Kingfisher, because he’s a sweetheart and generally pretty easy to handle, in addition to producing exceptional offspring. He was named an Elite Sire in 2017 and is placed at the 93rd. percentile. In 2016, he was named an Outstanding Sire by the International Nubian Breeders Association (INBA), based on his daughters’ production performance. Several of his first-freshening daughters earned production award certificates from the INBA and a couple of them are set to do it again in 2017. We feel so fortunate to have a buck of Kingfisher’s caliber as the foundation of our herd, and we thank his breeder Sonia Thyssen for all her hard work through the years to produce animals of this quality.                             

Kingfisher’s sire, SGCH ++B Alize Charleston Chew

Kingfisher’s dam, SG Iron-Owl Sand Crane 4*M at the 2014 Union County Fair, La Grande, Oregon


Kingfisher’s littermate sister, SGCH Woest-Hoeve Robin 5*M at the 2016 Union County Fair; LA: 4-03 91/VVEE

Kingfisher’s full-sister, Farm @ WH Swan

Kingfisher’s daughter, Blue Mantle Bella 1*M at 2 years

Kingfisher’s daughter, Blue Mantle Queen 1*M at 2 years (littermate to Blue Mantle Bella)

Kingfisher’s daughter, Blue Mantle Fiona at 5 months

Sparrow and Juniper, Blue Mantle Bella and Queen’s full-sisters







Kingfisher’s daughter, SG Imnaha King’s Silver Belle as a two-year-old (dry in this photo)







Kingfisher’s daughter, SG Imnaha King’s Lady Jane 11*M at one week fresh








Kingfisher’s daughter, SG Imnaha King’s Lady Charlotte 11*M

Kingfisher’s daughter, SG Imnaha King’s Lady Anne





Kingfisher’s daugher, Imnaha King’s Licorice (littermate to Fancy Zija)

Kingfisher’s daughter, Imnaha King’s Fancy with her dam RC’s Valhalla Ginger

Kingfisher’s daughter, Imnaha King’s Mata Hari






Kingfisher’s daughter, Imnaha King’s Guinevere (out of The J-B Maid Marian)

Kingfisher’s daughter, Imnaha King’s WK Krista at 2 months

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