+*B Woest-Hoeve Kingfisher

*B Woest-Hoeve Kingfisher at two years of age

+*B Woest-Hoeve Kingfisher at two years of age

                                                   ***NEWS FLASH!!!***

ADGA’s August 2017 Elite Buck & Doe Lists are out, and Kingfisher is now an ELITE BUCK! 93rd. Percentile! In addition his littermate sister SG Woest-Hoeve Robin was 7th-place Four-Year-Old at the 2017 National Show, and his half-sister SGCH Woest-Hoeve Margaret was National Champion Nubian Doe!

After participating in Linear Appraisal in June 2017, Kingfisher earned the score 90 EX/EVE. Several of his daughters were scored at the same session and earned VG status also.

Kingfisher has earned the title of OUTSTANDING SIRE, awarded by the International Nubian Breeders Association (INBA), based on the production of four daughters this past year.All four of those daughters also earned production awards certificates. Woo-hoo!

SGCH +B Alize Charleston Chew, the sire of our senior buck Kingfisher, won First place Senior Get-of-Sire at the 2016 ADGA National Show! Congratulations to his owner Sonia Thyssen of Woest-Hoeve Nubians! Several of Charleston’s daughters also placed very well: SG Woest-Hoeve MC Maggie 5*M  (4th-place 2 year-old milking doe), SG Woest-Hoeve Margaret 3*M (2nd-place 5-6 year-old), and SGCH Woest-Hoeve Suidoni 5*M (4th-place 5-6 year-old). Well done! In addition, Charleston is now an ELITE SIRE!

Also, Kingfisher’s littermate sister, SG Woest-Hoeve Robin, was named Reserve Champion and Best Udder of Show in Ring One under Patricia Spurgeon at the 2016 Union County Fair in La Grande, Oregon. In addition, two of Kingfisher’s daughters (Lady Charlotte and Lady Anne) stood 1st- and 3rd-place in the Senior Doe Kid class, with his grand-daughter Shine On Janette in 2nd-place.

SG Woest-Hoeve Robin at the 2016 Union County Fair

SG Woest-Hoeve Robin at the 2016 Union County Fair

Everyone should have a buck as nice as Kingfisher, because he’s a sweetheart and generally easy to handle. He’s a four-year-old now and a pretty big boy, weighing in (by the tape) at about 240 lb., so being able to handle him is a real concern! Fortunately, he is fairly well-mannered with all the goats (including the other bucks), loves being around the kids, and the does all think he’s “the bomb.”

We freshened four of his daughters in 2016, two of which were first fresheners, and we were very well pleased with their performance, and all of them earned their AR stars–earning Kingfisher his +B. Bella and Queen, freshened this spring as two-year-olds and milked 10-12 lb. daily. His two yearling daughters, Silver Belle and Lady Jane, also came in with lovely udders and good production. Silver Belle peaked at 12.3 lb. and Lady Jane at 9.5+ lb. Kingfisher also has a few daughters in other herds, and I continue to hear good things about them. We are on track for Linear Appraised this year.

Kingfisher’s four daughters in our herd each earned milk production awards from the INBA in 2016: Blue Mantle Bella 1*M earned Gold and Silver Certificates for 154 lb. butterfat in 304 days; her littermate sister Blue Mantle Queen 1*M, earned Silver and Bronze Certificates for 122 lb. butterfat in 304 days; Imnaha King’s Silver Belle 2*M earned Silver and Bronze Certificates for 3000 lb. milk in 305 days; and Imnaha King’s Lady Jane 11*M earned a Bronze Certificate for 81 lb. protein in 283 days.

Birth date: 3/06/2013

ADGA Registration number: N1632008 (click registration number for ADGA pedigree)

**DNA** Parentage verified

G6S Status: N/N Non-carrier normal by testing

Alpha S1 Casein: B/N by testing

ETA21: 23

ETA12: -39

Linear Appraisal: 4-03 90 EX/EVE-

ADGA-Registered Offspring:

In herd:  Blue Mantle Queen, Imnaha King’s Silver Belle,  Imnaha King’s Lady CharlotteImnaha King’s Lady Anne, Imnaha King’s WK Krista

Others: Blue Mantle Bella, Blue Mantle Fiona, Imnaha King’s Sparrow, Imnaha King’s Juniper, Imnaha King Ravenswood, Imnaha King’s Guinevere, Imnaha King’s Licorice, Imnaha King’s Fancy Zija, Imnaha King’s Mata Hari, Imnaha King’s Lady Jane,

Imnaha King's Silver Belle 2016

Imnaha King’s Silver Belle 2016


Our yearling Imnaha King's Lady Jane at one week fresh

Our yearling doe Imnaha King’s Lady Jane at one week fresh













(Haha, mostly) Imnaha King's Lady Charlotte at 7 months

(Haha, mostly) Imnaha King’s Lady Charlotte at 7 months









Imnaha King's Lady Anne at 7 months

Imnaha King’s Lady Anne at 7 months







Imnaha King’s WK Krista

SGCH ++B Alize Charleston Chew

Kingfisher’s sire SGCH ++B Alize Charleston Chew


We not only love Kingfisher and his daughters, but we value his parents as outstanding individuals. His owner Sonia Thyssen calls Kingfisher’s sire Charleston Chew her “udder clean-up buck.” And our reaction when we saw Kingfisher’s dam Sand Crane was, “I want more like her!” She fits the description in the Nubian breed standard to a tee: “large, proud, and graceful.” Our friend Stephanie Rovey (Grande Ronde Nubians) summed it up when she said you should choose the type of doe you want to have for your foundation, and Sand Crane’s photo speaks for itself. Wow. She’s a large, powerfully-built, feminine doe with excellent breed type and an udder that is truly lovely. Yeah! That’s what I like! (A heartfelt thank you to Sonia Thyssen’s grand daughter Heather Arts for taking time out of showing to pose Sand Crane for me, and to Sonia for posing Robin!)

Sire: SGCH ++B Alize Charleston Chew ADGA #N1542582                                         PTI 85 54
04-05 90 EEV     ELITE SIRE
PTA 93M 5F 4P .10T
PTA$ ELITE 14 16 47R
PTA% 59R 08/16 4 1 11/15
D/AV 2124 128 84 87

SS: *B Lakeshore PS Tropical Storm                                                                         ETA -27 -88
01-05 91 EEE
PTA -.20T
PTA$ 47R
PTA% 11/15
D/AV 88

SGCH Jacobs Pride Red Hot Candy

SGCH Jacobs Pride Red Hot Candy

SD: SGCH Jacob’s Pride Red Hot Candy                         PTI 55 51
07-04 92 E+EE
PTA 78M 2F 1P .20T
DEV 183 5 4
PTA$ 9 6 58R
PTA% 53R 08/16 -.10 -8 11/15
6-02 168 1200 4.5 54 3.6 43 90 02
LIFE 168 1200 4.5 54 3.6 43

Kingfisher's dam Iron-Owl Sand Crane 4*M

Kingfisher’s dam SG Iron-Owl Sand Crane 4*M at the 2014 Union County Fair, La Grande, Oregon

Dam: SG Iron-Owl Sand Crane 4*M  ADGA #N1553648                                             PTI -29 -73
05-02 90 E+EE
PTA -21M 2F 0P -.50T
DEV -89 -6 -4
PTA$ 0 2 52R
PTA% 65R 08/16 .14 4 11/15
3-11 252 1690 4.8 81 3.6 61 95 40
LIFE 252 1690 4.8 81 3.6 61

DS: SGCH +B Iron-Owl Bluebeard

SGCH +B Iron-Owl Bluebeard

PTI -50 -131
06-05 92 EEE     ELITE SIRE
PTA -6M 2F 1P -.90T
PTA$ 2 5 72R
PTA% 70R 08/16 .13 6 11/15
D/AV 2171 133 86 87





DD: SGCH Iron-Owl Ibis 3*M

SGCH Iron-Owl Ibis 3*M

                                                         PTI 99 61
06-04 89 EEEV
PTA 3M 9F 1P .10T
DEV 89 25 8
PTA$ 10 13 58R
PTA% 68R 08/16 .48 6 11/15
6-01 241 1660 5.2 87 3.6 60 89 40
7-00 305 2120 5.1 108 3.7 79 90 40
319 2280 5.1 116 3.7 85 90 40
LIFE 560 3940 5.2 203 3.7 145

Kingfisher’s Littermate: SG Woest-Hoeve Robin 5*M

SG Woest-Hoeve Robin, Reserve GCH and Best Udder in Ring 1 (Patricia Spurgeon, judge) at the 2016 Union County Fair

PTI 49 -11
01-05 85 +V+V
PTA 58M 6F 3P -.30T
DEV 178 17 11
PTA$ 11 16 40R
PTA% 52R 08/16 .16 7 11/15

Full-sisters: Farm @ WH Swan                                                                                    ETA 23 -9
PTA 72M 4F 3P
DEV 477 17 18
PTA$ 11 13
PTA% 42R 08/16 5 2

and Woest-Hoeve SC Feathers                                                                                  ETA 23 -9
PTA 39M 4F 3P
DEV 105 15 17
PTA$ 8 13
PTA% 42R 08/16 .12 8

Farm @ WH Swan

Farm @ WH Swan, 9th place 3 year-old milking doe at 2015 National Show (photos courtesy of Tideland Nubians, R & R Dairy, Tillamook, Oregon)

Rear udder, Farm @ WH Swan

Rear udder, Farm @ WH Swan


Kingfisher doing one of his favorite things--eating trees

Kingfisher doing one of his favorite things–eating trees










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