Herd Sires

Our bucks have been DNA-parentage verified, and our herd has been DNA-tested for G6S and Alpha S1 Casein. We are pleased to announce that all of our bucks are G6S-normal, as is the majority of our herd. If this is a concern to you, we will gladly discuss it, and we will always disclose the status of any animal we sell.

                                                    ***NEWS FLASH!!!***

Coming soon! We hope to have one, or maybe even two, new young lads for our breeding program come Spring 2018. Stay tuned!

Also, since we have sold nearly all the does we could take to Kingfisher, we began searching for a new home for him. We are pleased to say we believe he will be moving on in the spring to a new home with many more ladies awaiting his attention, and we will announce more details as they firm up.             

Our junior herd sire is *B Wingwood Farm Lovin Amador #N1771786, sired by SG +*B Wingwood Farm Lucky Amadeus (Elite Sire, 87th percentile) out of SGCH Wingwood Farm Tao Amati 3*M. For more info, click on his name to check out his Webpage; click on his registration number to go to adgagenetics.org.

Wingwood Farm Lovin Amador at 10 months

Our Senior Nubian Buck is SG +*B Woest-Hoeve Kingfisher (2017 Elite Sire, 93rd percentile) ADGA Registration #N1632008 (click registration number for pedigree; click on his name to go to his Webpage)

*B Woest-Hoeve Kingfisher at two years of age

+*B Woest-Hoeve Kingfisher at two years of age


All of our bucks are DNA-tested and are G6S-normal.

Regarding Outside Breedings: We do not take in outside does for breeding. This is simply due to today’s realities: the still widespread presence of CAE/CL, plus considerations of safety and liability. We just simply are not set up to handle them. Sorry!

We do try to make available quality bucklings for purchase every year, though we only sell buck kids we deem to be of superior quality, regardless of their pedigree. If a buckling isn’t of the quality we would consider using ourselves, then we won’t sell him for breeding purposes. All bucks not spoken for in advance are usually banded by two weeks of age and raised for meat, so speak up if you want one! Also, be sure to order a wether if you need one as a companion for another kid, etc. We charge $1.50/lb. live weight at the time of sale for wethers. All wethers will be disbudded and have their shots. WE DO NOT SELL GOATS WITH HORNS.

Leases: We would consider a lease of one of our bucks during breeding season to a responsible party, providing certain conditions were met. Please contact us if you wish to pursue this. We may also elect to offer frozen semen at some time in the future.

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