2018 Breeding List

We will not have many kids available for sale in 2018, since we made a major herd reduction in 2017. Because so many doelings were born late in 2017, we are also holding them over to breed in the fall of 2018. We reserve the right to retain any kid for the good of our breeding program. Click on the listed price for planned pedigree link.

Senior Does Buck Bred/Due Prices Availability
Queen 1*M N/A Milking through
Kressie 4*M Kingfisher $400 1st doe retained
Silver Belle 2*M Amador   $500 1st doe retained/2nd Doe reserved/1st Buck reserved
Rosie 2*M N/A Milking through
Charlotte 11*M N/A Milking through
Anne 11*M Amador $500 1st doe retained/2nd doe reserved
Dark Crystal Kingfisher $400 1st doe retained/2nd doe reserved
Bailey                  Kingfisher                                         $300                  1st doe retained
Juliet Kingfisher   $300 1st doe retained
Dry Yearlings
Krista N/A
Carlotta (Lottie) N/A
Carmen N/A
Juanita N/A