2017 Breeding List

Sam with Imnaha King's Lady Jane, a first freshener at one week fresh

Sam with Imnaha King’s Lady Jane, a yearling first freshener at one week fresh

If you need to know our policies for reserving kids, please see the Kid Reservations page. Prices are for reserved kids and are subject to change without notice. We do reserve the right to choose our own herd replacements first. You may view the planned pedigree for each mating by clicking on the prices listed below.

Reservations will be taken for 2 doe kids per doe, with buck kids available only from selected does. Generally speaking, we do not sell bucklings from first fresheners, though there may occasionally be an exception. We encourage you to make a first and second choice, in case we can’t deliver on your first pick. Be aware that we routinely reserve the first doe kid from any mating, though some doe kids may be available later, depending on how many we get–we can’t keep them all! If we only get a few, then there won’t be many for sale, but if we get bunches of them, there will be more. Buck kids will be priced at $450 each. Please contact me ASAP if you are interested in one, because we don’t generally keep them around long unless they’re spoken for.

Little Joe and Rosie O'Grady at one day old

Little Joe and Rosie O’Grady at one day old

To make a reservation, please contact me to check on availability. You may send an email to dianmiller1@live.com or call me at 541-577-3057 (leave a message if I’m not home, and I will get back to you ASAP). Deposits may be made via PayPal to the above email or by personal check made out to Dianne Miller and mailed to

Imnaha Nubians, PO Box 73, Imnaha, OR 97842.

Kids will not be reserved until your deposit is received.

Thank you!

Once all our does have kidded, we may have a few mature milking does and first fresheners for sale, as we can only keep a limited number. Please contact me if you are interested.

                                                      2017 Kid Reservations
Senior Does        Buck Due/Kidded      Price   Available
 SG Bedouin Lady Victory 10*M      N/A  Open
Blue Mantle Bella 1*M      Amador June 2017      $500*  N/A
Blue Mantle Queen 1*M      Amador 12/30/16      N/A  N/A
Woest-Hoeve WC Water Kres 5*M    Kingfisher 3/24/2017      $450* 1 D retained
Imnaha King’s Silver Belle 2*M      Amador 12/22/16      N/A  2 D retained
Imnaha King’s Lady Jane 11*M      Amador May 2017      $500*  1 D retained
Junior Does
Imnaha GRD Rosie O’Grady      Amador April 2017      N/A  1 D retained
Imnaha King’s Lady Charlotte      Amador May 2017      $400  2 D retained
Imnaha King’s Lady Anne      Amador 12/23/16      N/A  1 D retained
Imnaha GRD Shine On Janette      Amador April 2017      N/A  1 D retained