Here are answers to some of the most frequently-asked questions we get in our email:

What theme(s) do you use on your Website? Did you do it yourself?

I use the WordPress Twenty-Eleven theme, which is available as a free template (there are boatloads of them; not all are free), and I customized it with my own photos and written copy. I have tried other platforms, but WordPress is by far the easiest and most intuitive one I have used. You just copy and paste material you’ve already written, in Microsoft Word for example, or you can start composing on your page in the Dashboard. Super Easy. And photos? Just import them from your PC and put them wherever you want. If you want to include a blog on your site, you can do that too.

What blog platform do you use?

I use the one built into my WordPress theme. When I want to add a new post, I click “Add a new post” on the Dashboard page and you can then copy and paste what you have already written up. You can add photos or video to that if you wish.

How can I subscribe to your blog?

There is a widget on the Blog page to the right of my most recent post. Fill that out and it will take care of you.

Help! I subscribed to your blog, and now I want to un-subscribe!

No problemo. If you go to the last post you received in your email and scroll to the bottom, you should see a message that says “Unsubscribe to no longer receive posts”. Click on that to unsubscribe.

Do you get lots of SPAM? How do you deal with it?

Oh yeah! I get tons of SPAM but fortunately I subscribe to a great SPAM filter called Akismet, which also includes a back-up for my Webpage called VaultPress. It keeps me from getting this “stuff” in my regular email all the time and for a reasonable monthly fee. About once a week I go through the SPAM to see if there’s anything that might’ve gotten in there by mistake, then I flush the rest. Sanity saved.

Do you subscribe to Twitter? I’d like to Follow you.

No, I don’t subscribe to Twitter. I do, however have a Facebook page for Imnaha Nubians. Maintaining this Website and a Facebook page is about all I can handle and still have a life. I do have goats, after all.

You just wrote me an extensive post, and I’d love to correspond with you . . . BUT it’s in Spanish, or French, or Polish, or . . .?

I’m terribly sorry, but I really only speak and write English. I did take French and German in college but that was 40 years ago, so I’m no longer conversational. I’d love to take Spanish or Russian, too, but I haven’t. Please write to me in English. Thanks!

I love your goats! How do I contact you if I want to buy one?

My contact information, including driving directions and a Google Maps map is located on my Contact Us page. The best way to reach me is through my personal email, dianmiller1@live.com, or by phone: 541-577-3057. I’m sorry, but that’s a landline—we don’t have any cell service here (aren’t I the lucky one?), so if I’m outside gardening or with the goats and don’t answer, LEAVE A MESSAGE and I’ll get back to you.

Do I have to make a deposit if I want to buy a kid from you?

No. You do not have to send me a deposit in order to reserve a kid or a mature animal I might have for sale. The main reason for this is, I don’t want the hassle of having to refund deposits! I do need you to contact me to see if what you want is available, and if it is, then I need you to make a first and second choice on doe or buck kids, in case what you want isn’t born or already has a prior reservation by someone else. Also, we don’t sell every buck kid that hits the ground, not even from our best does.

Do you take payments?

We much prefer that you pay for your kid within the time frame specified (by the age of six weeks). If you are unable to make payment-in-full by that time, we will work with you. I know how it is. Stuff happens; however, you must have a plan to pay for it within a reasonable amount of time. If you are unable to do that, then we will offer the animal for sale to another interested buyer, and you will forfeit whatever you have paid thus far. Look at it from our point of view. This is our business. Animals need to find new homes, and we need to be paid for them. They take up space and must be fed and cared for several times every day, which takes time and money. We can’t be expected to wait forever for you to get your act together. Don’t make us into “the bad guy” because you haven’t.

Is your herd G6S-free?

We have gone to the expense of DNA-testing our animals for the G6S gene, as well as Alpha S1 Casein. It’s an on-going process, and the majority of them have tested normal or have normal parents, but a couple does are carriers. All of our breeding bucks are G6S-normal by testing and are DNA parentage-verified, so even if bred to a carrier doe, none of their kids will ever be affected, though we could possibly end up with a few more carriers over time. Any kids that could be carriers are DNA-tested before registration and the results published before being offered for sale.

It is important to be aware that carrier animals are otherwise completely normal and live absolutely normal lives. Because the problem is 100% manageable with testing, we do not find it to be, on its own, a trait worthy of culling an otherwise deserving animal. It is also of note that many of the very best animals in the Nubian breed are known to be carriers  If you have any concerns on this matter, we are more than happy to discuss them with you. The results of our G6S DNA tests are published on the G6S Website and the NubianTalk Pedigree Database, as well as with ADGA for the animals we have bred and for those whose breeders have given permission, as per ADGA rules. It is our firm belief that knowledge and transparency are the best remedies for fear and suspicion. NO ONE should suffer because of it, least of all the animals themselves.

If you would like to read a simple and straightforward presentation of the facts about G6S, the International Nubian Breeders Association has a downloadable flyer which is excellent.