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We would be pleased to talk to you, if we can anwer any questions, or glad to see you, should you decide to come on by for a visit. Just give us a call first!

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Our place at 74102 Camp Creek Road, above on the right


  • Drive to La Grande, Oregon on I-84.
  • Take the second exit off the freeway. This should be the City Center exit. If you take the first exit, you will end up driving through La Grande. If this should happen, turn left at the railroad underpass to get onto Island Ave. (OR-82) and drive to Island City.
  • Turn right at the bottom of the freeway exit onto Island Ave. (OR-82)
  • Drive to Island City.
  • Turn left at the stop light on N. McAlister Rd. in Island City and take Oregon Highway 82 (Hell’s Canyon Scenic Byway).
  • Drive to Joseph (73 miles). You will pass through Imbler, Elgin, Wallowa, Lostine, and Enterprise on the way to Joseph.
  • Turn left at the stoplight on Main Street and E. Wallowa Ave. and take Oregon Highway 350 north heading toward Imnaha (30 miles). As you approach this light, you will see a Chevron gas station and Mt. Joseph Family Foods to your left and the Cheyenne Café and the 1917 Lumber Company on your right at this intersection.
  • Just after passing Milepost 28, turn left onto Camp Creek Road (also known as the Old Imnaha Road).
  • We are at 74102 Camp Creek Road, about 0.6 mile in on the right side of the road. We are the second gate (the address is on the gatepost). You will see outbuildings and a large white tarp Quonset above the road on the right, and that’s our place.
  • Travel time is approximately 2 hr., 20 min. and is roughly 100 miles from La Grande.

Mail:   Samuel & Dianne Miller
Imnaha Purebred Nubians
c/o Camp Creek Enterprises, LLC
PO Box 73
Imnaha, OR 97842

Email: Contact me directly at

Phone: (541)577-3057
Please leave a message! We are usually outside!

2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hello, I live in Prineville, over near Bend, well, I have Nubians too, my very favorite kind, but there is a genetic condition called G6S, and if the baby’s has inherited it from both parents, they will die shortly after birth. The parents can be a carrier and it’s a 1 in 4 chances the resulting kid will inherit it. There is no treatment for it, but there is a test that ADGA does and it will tell you if the parents/or parent has it. Culling is the only way to control it, there is no vaccine. It is a genetic condition in only Nubians. A breeder I know put me onto it when I bought a couple of goats from her. Sandy Conningham in Alfalfa. OR. You can get all the info from ADGA, Best wishes, Opal Larson

    • Hi Opal, It’s a fact that G6S is a serious genetic condition, and all breeders raising Nubians or animals with Nubian genetics, such as grades or experimentals, should be DNA=testing their animals. Many top-rated animals in the Nubian breed are, in fact, carriers. The only way you will know is to have the DNA-test done, though if both parents are normal, then the offspring will be normal. Carriers have one parent with the gene and they appear and act completely normal otherwise. While it is true that culling is the only way to eventually eliminate G6S, we do not believe otherwise excellent and productive animals should be culled for that trait alone, since G6S can be managed by never allowing two carriers to mate. Because we feel strongly about G6S, we have DNA-tested all of our animals at Imnaha Nubians and are almost 100% G6S free (we have one doe and her daughter that are carriers–our bucks and all the rest of our does are G6S normal), and we publish the results of all testing we have done, online and with ADGA. If you have any further questions about G6S, please feel free to contact me.

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